Premier telescope SW 130/900 EQ3-2
  • My first telescope (2010)

Sold to a friend.

  • My Orion 200/1000 (2011-2013)

Orion 203/1000 sur sa monture
 Sirius d'origine
Newton Orion 200/1000 on Sirius EQ/G mount

For imaging, I used my Canon EOS 1000d.

Then, I sold my Sirius EQ/G mount and bought the Atlas EQ/G of a friend.
I also replaced my old webcam by a iNova PLB-C2 camera. This camera is good for autoguiding and planetary pictures.

Premiers essais d'autoguidage avec un
 Galiléoscopeet une webcam!
Télescope SW Mak90 pour l'autoguidage
(monté ici sur mon APN pour le fun!)

Then, I bought a SkyWatcher Mak90 for my autoguiding setup (with my PLB-C2) and for travel observations.
Orion 203/1000 monté sur sa
monture Atlas, avec son Mak90
pour l'autoguidage

Rotule Benro B0 comme support d'autoguideur

  • My TS UNC 8" f/4 on Atlas EQ/G mount (since 2014)

The UNC is a Newton astrograph made by TeleskopService. It has a solid Carbon tube with a stable secondary holder and an ACU low profile focuser (similar to Baader Steeltrack).
I also bought a Baader MPCC MarkIII coma corrector, a must have for a f/4 apperture Newton.
Still using my Canon EOS 1000d for imaging and my MAK90+iNovaPLB-C2 for autoguiding.
It is fixed with a Losmandy dove tail, for more stability (not seen on this pictures), and for later fixing the autoguider side by side (instead of top).